It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. In another it says the ratio of 62 to 26. In other words, it takes less effort to be happy than to mourn. So why the long faces? When push comes to shove, people tend to lose hope and wonder if there is anything called success, peace, happiness… The answer is simple and clear. Just make a smile and give oneself a hearty laugh. None mentioned that all these should be genuine to start with. ‘Fake it till you make it’, is indeed true and applies for all. To add more fun, just sing a song and play along for all the jolly wide.

The world’s indeed a wonderful place with all kinds of activities. There are 196 nations in the world with unique cultures of each. There are more than 900 World Heritage Sites, countless languages, exotic festivals and what not…

There’s more to the world than it meets the eye. Surely, wars and feuds cradle often but if one looks at the present era, we are indeed lucky to be living in the times of peace. Together with the newest technologies, the world have not seen a better time than now. The mortality rate has reduced and so thus the inventions of the best new medicines. Most of the once incurable diseases are now possible to heal within easy budget. So what’s there to frown about?

People should seek the enjoyment of learning, it makes the soul more jolly than ever…



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